Saturday, 6 December 2014

How To...Build A Stylish Outfit

Yasmin Sewell

In her recent article for the Telegraph online, founder of fashion label Goat, Jane Lewis, shared her tips for building a winning outfit. Here are her do's and don'ts...

Pick style over fashion
Style is innate and can be honed and cultivated: it's what makes you individual and sets you apart from the generic. Part of being stylish is knowing when to give trends a miss.  But do try new silhouettes and colours because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Dress for comfort
Comfort and freedom of movement are elements of dressing we take for granted and are often overlooked, but they imbue you with confidence and elegance.

Work out your fashion sums 

Balance, dimension and proportion are fundamental to the mathematics of fashion. An outfit should enhance your best features, so play to your strengths.

Shop intelligently for foundation pieces
I like modern classics as the basis of my wardrobe. A classic is a design that delivers across seasons, years and decades and once you plant your feet firmly in style with timeless pieces, you can sway towards the fashion trends. 

Choose complementary layers
Wearing items that are the same tone is the easiest way to dress with colour. Tone-on-tone layers are a great daytime look, and different textures can make layering exciting.  Simplicity is something to strive for and master. It takes skill to make something look effortless.

To read Jane's article in full click here

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