Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Skinny: Jeans with Staying Power

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Kate Moss - The Skinny Jean Queen

Here's an excerpt from my latest article for the Huffington Post...

For almost ten years now, skinny jeans have had a sartorial strangle hold on our wardrobes.  Despite the fashion press declaring the style 'dead' on a regular basis, we continue to favour the skinny over all other styles.   But given the fickle nature of fashion, why has this particular jean stood the test of time?  What's the secret to its staying power?  

The skinny silhouette has fallen in and out of vogue over the centuries, and the current preference for a narrower style jean has many possible points of origin. In the late 1970s it was adopted by punks, who wore skinny, bondage styles as part of their anti-establishment 'uniform'.  Later, in 2003, Hedi Slimane sent his models down the Dior Homme catwalk in a strictly slimmed down silhouette, which quickly became the look du jour among the fashion cognoscenti.  This famously prompted Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel, to slim down quite dramatically so that he could squeeze himself into a pair of Slimane's much sought after skinny trousers!  

But the skinny jean as we know it today probably first entered the public consciousness back in 2005, courtesy of a London based denim label and a certain Ms Moss.  Superfine, launched in 2003, was one of the first brands to pioneer the skinny jean, and when Kate was snapped sporting a pair several years later, the rest, as they say, is history...

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