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How Jean Paul Gaultier Changed Fashion

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Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier recently announced his retirement from ready to wear to concentrate on his couture collection.  And in his subsequent piece for i-D magazine, Anders Christian Madsen looks back at the designer's momentous 40 year career.

Here are five ways the enfant terrible changed the world of fashion...  

1. He changed gender conventions.
Jean Paul Gaultier never believed that garments and fabrics had a gender in the first place, so when he designed the collection Une garde robe pour deux ('A wardrobe for two'), he turned things around, gave his men long hair and his women short hair, made them swap clothes, and showed the world that masculinity and femininity come from within.

2. He invented the cone bra. 
Madonna first called upon Jean Paul Gaultier in 1989 to design the costumes for her Blond Ambition Tour, and her displays of sexuality and religion got her banned from several venues. 

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3. He put men in skirts. 
Punk had already been a thing for ten years, but for a fashion industry that was still very bourgeois by the mid-80s, Jean Paul Gaultier's men in skirts for spring/summer 85 was something of a shocker. 

4. He brought religion into fashion. 
Jean Paul Gaultier captures, questions and celebrates the norms of society, and while he changed sex in fashion, his bravest moves were religiously charged. 

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Couture Spring 2007

5. He turned underwear into outerwear.
Before Jean Paul Gaultier put a bra on the catwalk in the early 80s, lingerie was still your unmentionables as far as fashion was concerned. While Thierry Mugler had been making corset dresses since the 70s, no one thought of turning things around in the underwear/outerwear department to the extent that Gaultier did until Gaultier did it. 

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