Monday, 22 September 2014

The Burberry Trench Coat Turns 100

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This year, Burberry's iconic trench celebrates its centenary. Here are the facts behind the fashion classic, courtesy of Stylist magazine...

Military Service
in 1912, Thomas Burberry designed the Tielocken.  In 1914, the coat was adapted at the request of the British War Office, with epaulettes, gun flaps and D-rings so it could be worn by officers in the trenches.  Hence the name!

Made In Castleford
All Burberry trench coats are made in the company mill in West Yorkshire, with each individual coat taking around three weeks to create.

The collar is the most difficult part of the trench coat to complete, taking craftsmen up to a year to learn.  It requires 11.5 tiny hand-stitches per inch along the length of the collar to ensure the curve sits perfectly on the neck.

Gabardine - a lightweight fabric made from tightly woven twill - invented in 1879 is still used today for the trench.  The signature check lining wasn't added until 1920.

New Looks
Who says a classic has to remain classic?  These metallic leather trench coats featured in Burberry's spring/summer collection in 2013...

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