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Kate Lanphear: Style Secrets

Kate Lanphear Street Style
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Former women's style director of T, the New York Times' style magazine, Kate Lanphear has just been appointed the next editor-in-chief of men's magazine Maxim. One of my style icons, she has also drawn a global following for her distinctive rock-inspired look.

Here are the secrets behind her incomparable style, courtesy of T magazine...

Above all, be yourself...
"Style is about evolving your own uniform that reflects who you are and how you feel most comfortable. For me that's often jeans and a T-shirt. I’ve always been into rock music and something kind of sexy and black."

...but don’t be afraid to try the trends.
"You know you’ve seen something good at a fashion show when it makes you reconsider how you want to get dressed in the morning. There are plenty of times when you want to test drive a trend to see if it's going to become part of the uniform."

Meaningful extras make your look your own.
"I wear a lot of jewelry, but it all has meaning — a bracelet given by a dear friend, something that I picked up in a market overseas. It's like wearing memories. The Guns 'n' Roses T-shirts I wear are the ones I was wearing as a teenager."

A good coat goes a long way.
"It was a great season for coats, and I splurged on a Calvin Klein coat, look seven from the fall/winter show, because a coat is something you wear every day. It's cozy, fuzzy wool and single breasted, and of course it's black."

When it comes to footwear, go to extremes.
"It's either sky-high or Chucks."

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