Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Is Blending in the New Black?

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Here's my latest piece for the Huffington Post...

"To be irreplaceable, one must be different", said Coco Chanel.  But with the current vogue for 'reality dressing' being played out on the streets and down the catwalks, it seems that it's 'indifference' which is the order of the day.

Many industry critics have bemoaned the fact that following the latest round of runway shows, it's clear that next spring/summer will again be a season bereft of new ideas.  Apparently, trends are few and far between as understatement and utility continue to rule the runways.  But if fashion is a reflection of society today, aren't we, the customers, to blame for this blandness? Are designers simply giving us the wardrobe staples we want to wear?

Life today for many of us doesn't call for a constant stream of statement pieces in here today gone tomorrow styles.  Our wardrobes are now increasingly being filled with functional, 'forever' pieces that reflect our fast moving lives.   Practical and comfortable are the new buzzwords, and we are coveting clothing that can take us seamlessly from morning into night...

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