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Fashion Week: A Private Or Public Affair?

Fashion Week: A Private or Public Affair? Julie Hurst
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Here's my latest piece for the Huffington Post...

It's September, which in the world of high fashion heralds the start of spring!  Yes, it's that time of the year when the industry's great and good embark on their whirlwind tour of the four fashion capitals, to witness first hand what designers have in store for us next season. 

But there have been increasing calls from ardent fashion fans to open these 'trade shows' to the public, and as part of i-D magazine's #IDFashionMonth, the case for and against this plea has been debated online. 

Firmly in the yes camp is writer Mallory Rice, who argues, "…being an event at which professionals need to get actual work done is not a good reason to keep the public out of it".  After all, he goes on to say, live concerts are not just for rock critics. He believes that great clothing is art, and as such, access shouldn't be restricted to the privileged few.

The case against, put by Anders Christian Madsen, i-D's Fashion Features Editor, seems rather less succinct.  He believes that making fashion week public would destroy its raison d’ĂȘtre, going on to say that if the 'precious moment' that's created between designer and reporter or designer and buyer when witnessing a show first hand is lost, then ultimately, we will all lose.  Why?  Because without expert industry opinion, individual fashion shows would lose meaning.  This to me seems more of a case for maintaining the role of the press...

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