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Chanel: Ten Fascinating Facts

Chanel: Ten Fascinating Facts
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Founded in 1909, CHANEL is best known for launching the little black dress and its ever-popular No. 5 perfume. But there's much more to this fashion powerhouse. 

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1. The first CHANEL retail store opened in Paris in 1910, selling just hats.

2. The company's mission statement is "To be the ultimate House of Luxury, defining style and creating desire, now and forever."

3. CHANEL is listed No. 74 in Forbes Magazine’s list of the most powerful brands, and has an estimated value of $7 billion.

4. The first sportswear collection by CHANEL was launched in 1913. Constructed from jersey, it was designed for women undertaking physical factory jobs as their husbands were away fighting in World War One.

5. The Iconic CHANEL No.5 fragrance was created after a fortuneteller told Coco that her lucky number was 5. It was first released on the 5th May (the 5th month) in 1921. The perfume we know and love today was the 5th sample delivered to Coco and her favourite. 

6. The sought-after quilted CHANEL handbag was designed in February 1955, giving it its name 2.55. The chain of the bag was inspired by the keychain of the guards in the orphanage where Coco grew up.

7. The CHANEL brand is instantly recognisable by its interlocked double-C logo. This design, created in 1925, is obviously symbolic of the two Cs in Coco Chanel’s name, but was also inspired by the design of stained glass windows at the Chapel of Aubazine that housed the orphanage where she grew up.

8. CHANEL’s Autumn 2014 collection fashion show took place in a specially-created CHANEL supermarket, complete with aisles of CHANEL-branded foodstuffs and household supplies, employees and shopping carts.

9. Despite giving the brand its name and being the designer behind many of the iconic products, Coco Chanel never fully owned the fashion house. She started with a mere 10% share of the company and the brand is today owned by Alain and Gerard Wertheimer.

10. CHANEL’s jewellery collection is one of the most exclusive and expensive in the world, but in the 1920s it was one of the first brands to popularise "costume" jewellery, mixing fake and real stones.

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