Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Caped Crusader!
                        Sportmax                                                Saint Laurent                                                   Joseph

The cape cropped up on many autumn catwalks, and in many guises, from short velvet 'toppers', to hip skimming styles through to luxury blanket wraps. Smarter and sleeker than the poncho, it's the simplest garment there is!

Here are five reason's why we should all invest in this new season cover up, according to The Times Magazine's Shane Watson...      

1. Capes are a military staple, which suggests that they're in the top one per cent of functional clothing.  Functional and fabulous!

2. It's the cover up you can wear with everything.

3. Sling on a narrow style in a block colour and instantly you have a sleek, clean silhouette.

4. They also work well with the luxe sporty look, atop a sweater and jeans.

5. Never again crush your party frock under a puffa!

Reference: 'Am I too old for...a cape?' - Shane Watston, The Times Magazine.

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