Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Why We Should Wear More Red...

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"Warm and positive, red could be the key to your happiness" - Maria Steffani

Here are five reasons why the owner and creative director of Maria Steffani, writing for BOE, thinks we should wear more red... 

1. Red gives self-esteem and confidence, leading to empowerment. 

2. Women wearing red are perceived as natural leaders, determined and ambitious.

Past & Precious / Reiss

3. Passion – red excites the emotions and awakens our physical life force.

4. Energy boost – red increases our energy levels, heart rate and release of adrenalin.

Past & Precious / Issa

5. The show-stopper – yes, the red dress will always get more attention! 

Reiss Dress - Size 6 / Price £ 79.50
Issa Dress  - Size 8 / Price £165.00

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