Friday, 8 August 2014

How To...Wear Boyfriend Jeans

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"While a comfortable wardrobe essential for many, a pair of boyfriend jeans remains a style feared by others for its potentially unflattering qualities." - Florrie Thomas, 

In her recent article for Harper's Bazaar online, Florrie Thomas reveals how to successfully work boyfriend jeans into our wardrobes... 

The trick is to juxtapose the slouchy masculinity of the jeans with feminine and elegant additions, such as a delicate heel (above) or a fitted blazer. 

Pick a pair that compliments your shape, whether this means a high-rise waist or tapered leg (below) - keep looking until you find the perfect fit.

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You must take proportion into account: if you're petite then choose a slimmer and shorter style that won't drown you (boyfriend doesn't have to mean super baggy), or, if you have wider hips, avoid low-slung cuts and instead opt for a style that emphasises your waist (below). 

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To read Florrie's article in full click here

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