Saturday, 23 August 2014

Flat Hunters

"...flats have been elevated into fashion, become much more diverse as a category, and are being worn in lots of different arenas...there are...skater shoes, slippers, trainers, sandals, brogues, espadrilles - and flats have become glamorous, too." - Adam Kelly, fashion and beauty director, Fenwick

Are you a committed high heel wearer?  In her recent article for The Telegraph online, Hannah Rochell urges us to give flat shoes a go.  And not just for the sake of our bunions, but for our fashion credentials too! 

Here's Hannah's case for embracing the flat...  

* There is absolutely no reason why a flat shoe can't be as beautiful as a heel, or why you can't get the same pleasure from acquiring an exquisite pair of brogues as you would from stilettos.

* Designer brands are now putting much more emphasis on their flats, rather than just throwing a couple of pairs into the collection as a half‑hearted afterthought.

* High street stores are putting more effort into the design aesthetic of their shoes, resulting in an abundance of competitively priced, on-trend styles. 

As she goes on to say, "Flat-hunters have never had a greater choice than now".  So, if you've been thinking about putting your feet in flats, there's no better time like the present!

To read Hannah's article in full click here

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