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Fast Fashion!

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Picking out the perfect outfit every morning can take time. But a little forethought goes a long way, and will save you precious minutes in front of the mirror! 

Here's Perrie Samotin's top five time-saving tips to getting dressed faster, as featured on stylecaster.com...

Check the forecast for the whole week.
Checking the weather the night before is standard practice for many of us, but it pays to check the forecast for the entire week every Sunday. That way, even if you don't choose clothes for everyday, you'll have a general idea about what you'll probably be reaching for. 

Pick out your clothes and shoes the night before.
Make sure you iron, steam, lint-roll or treat anything you need to the night before. And hang your outfit on a hanger outside your closet, with your shoes to hand, so all you have to do in the morning is reach for them. 

Keep a clothing diary.
It's likely that outfits you wear regularly are those that you like, but you won't necessarily remember them a few weeks later. So, simply jot down what you wear each day in your diary or on your calendar, and highlight any particular favourites you might want to wear again. Or, why not make use of one of the many Styling Apps that are out there?  I use StyleBook which is available from the App Store.

Separate your accessories.
There's nothing more annoying than deciding you want to wear a certain necklace, only to find it tangled up in an impenetrable mass with a heap of other chains! Keep your accessories totally separate from one another, and 
at the end of the day, always try to put them back where you found them.

Organize your closet
Is your wardrobe overflowing with unworn and unwanted items? If you can't see the wood for the trees then it's time to take stock! Go through your garments one by one and ask yourself one question: "If I was shopping right now, would I buy this item?" If the answer's no, then out it goes! From there, divide your wardrobe by separates (shirts with shirts, skirts with skirts, etc.) and coordinate each section going light to dark, left to right, as that’s how the eye naturally travels. 

If organising your closet seems like an overwhelming task, why not book a Wardrobe Edit and let me do the hard work for you? Simply pop in and see me at the shop or click here for my personal contact details.

To read Perry's article in full click here

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