Friday, 25 July 2014

Fashioning The Scarf

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As avid readers of this blog may recall, I've written about the tricky subject of scarf tying before. And this video tutorial proved to be a great hit (here).

However, many beautiful scarves are given as gifts to non-scarf wearers, so no matter how many options there are for tying them, they stay safely stored away.  

One of my clients shared this common styling dilemma with me recently, and so I thought I'd pass on to you the suggestions I gave to her for getting the most out of these unworn gifts...  

Firstly, wearing a scarf needn't necessarily involve tying it around your neck! Here are some super stylish women showing off some non-traditional approaches to scarf tying... 

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Image Via Pinterest

And secondly, if wearing scarves, in whatever way, just doesn't work for you, then why not display them as art?  

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Thinking creatively about alternative uses for unworn or unused items is always a good idea.  The Vivienne Westwood mural I have hanging on the wall of the shop is actually a framed rug!

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