Sunday, 11 May 2014

Ten Rules Of Style

Stephanie Mark by Cari Vuong

Co-founder of The Coveteur, Stephanie Mark, usually spends her time discussing the contents of other people's closets. But in the latest issue of's Style Report, she reveals her own style secrets...

1. Dress for your own reality
"It's the biggest thing that's helped me define myself. For me, it's about being able to go into different environments and feel comfortable."

2. Black Boots are their own genre
"My boyfriend says, "I don't understand why you say you need more black boots," but they all serve their particular purpose. It's part of my uniform."

[I have a wardrobe full of black boots too. And she's right! They're all SO different...]   
3. Colour on top makes such a difference
"'s a good way to break an outfit up, and I think everyone looks softer when they have a bit of colour next to their face."

4. Little tweaks create a closet of special pieces
"A good leather jacket is essential. I like one hit of a good thing, like a dress with an amazing print."

5. Leather and sweatpants have become my reason to live
"It's not about being over-the-top anymore, it's about dressing chic."

6. I'm a big believer in statement shoes
"Wearing all black at night is a bit of a yawner but if you put on amazing shoes, you become the best-dressed person in the room – the shoes become the outfit."

7. Let loose with your evening look
"You should be having a good time, after all! I look at occasion dressing very differently to day dressing. I go for lots of colour, good shapes, texture – something that makes it different."

8. Revisit what's in your closet
"People always say, "I forgot I had that" or "I never thought to put that with that." My personal style has really come into its own since we started the website – I think it's a mix of being inspired by what I see in other people's closets and remembering what I have already in my own."

9. Invest in your jacket, shoes and bag
"In most climates, that's what you're going to be wearing or carrying the majority of the time."

10.Winging it can be a good thing
"I don't plan as much as I should...and the truth is, as long as you love everything that you own, there's always a way to put it together.’ 

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