Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Summer Make Up Essentials

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Now that the weather's warming up, and my holiday is on the horizon, it's time to switch my winter make up wardrobe to something a little lighter and brighter.

I'm already a fan of the natural look, so in terms of my skin, it's a change in texture rather than colour that heralds a change in season for me, and here are a few of my favourite finds...


I've never worn a tinted moisturiser, but that's not for want of trying! Each year I endeavour to find 'the one', but I'm constantly confronted with textures that are either much too dry for my skin, or with a 'barely there so not worth buying' finish. And don't get me started on the colours!

On this year's annual hunt, I gave Clinique's Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser a go, on my Mum's recommendation, and I love it!  The colour is perfect (I bought Shade 2), it gives me a nice healthy flush, and the finish covers those pesky imperfections without looking too heavy.    

By Terry

I swap my powder blush for cream in the summer, as it gives more of a 'glow' to the skin, and I'm sticking with my By Terry Hyaluronic Blush in Blushberry this year. It's very easy to apply with my fingertips, blends beautifully, and the colour builds to how bold, or not, I want it to be. 



Yes, I know I said lighter but when your go to winter nail shade is Chanel's Rouge Noir this is!  I've just discovered Essie's Nail Varnish in Bordeaux and it's the perfect deep red, with not a hint of pink. That's my holiday pedicure sorted!    

Summer, I'm ready for you!

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