Saturday, 17 May 2014

If Money Were No Object...

Image via Stylecaster

For most of us mere mortals, our designer shopping 'habit' is limited to that special handbag we've saved for, or a coveted piece of clothing from one of our favourite labels.

But did you know that many designers regularly produce all manner of branded products, from the weird and wacky, like the Chanel accessories above, to sports goods and homewares?   

However, if money were no object, would I really be tempted to splash my cash on these designer 'delights'?  Andre Leon Talley's infamous 'tennis' scene in US Vogue's 'The September Issue' springs to mind.  Apparently, it was a set up...

If you are in the market for some serious spending, then how about one of these choice pieces from Chanel?  

Surfboard: $7,000

Leather flask bag: $3,000/$4,000

Tennis racquet and leather case: a snip at $600!

Hmmm...My take on such extravagance?  Money can't buy you style!

See more from Chanel in Stylecaster's gallery here

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