Sunday, 18 May 2014

Here Comes The Sun!

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If you haven't yet invested in your new season sunnies, then this post is a must read!

Trends in eyewear come and go, but your face shape remains the same, so check out this handy guide to selecting your perfect frames before you hit the stores... 

Heart Shaped Face: A broad forehead that extends to a small chin with high and angled cheekbones.

Perfect Eyewear: Oval or round shaped glasses to contrast different shapes.

Square Shaped Face: Broad forehead with a strong horizontal jaw line, proportional in width and length.

Perfect Eyewear: Round or oval sunglasses to contrast sharpness.

Round Shaped Face: Full cheeks, wide forehead and a rounded chin.

Perfect Eyewear: Square or angular shaped frames to contrast the roundness.

Oval Shaped Face: High and angled cheekbones with a curved jaw line slightly narrower than the forehead.

Perfect Eyewear: Square or round.  This face shape is the most versatile!

Diamond Shaped Face: Wide cheekbones and a narrow forehead with an angular jaw line.

Perfect Eyewear: Oval frames to balance features.

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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