Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

Miu Miu / Net a Porter

Those of you who know me will probably guess my answer to this question.  But in all seriousness, why should black be banned from weddings?

With the summer wedding season fast approaching, customers have been coming into the shop on the hunt for their dresses for the day, and black is very rarely, if ever, on the agenda. It used to mean that the wearer disapproved of the marriage, but I think things have moved on a touch since then don't you? 

Putting my personal style preference to one side for one moment, my professional opinion is echoed by Perrie Samotin in her recent article for Stylecaster in which she writes "As with all colors, appropriateness has more to do with the actual cut, fit and material of the dress as opposed to it’s color (white not withstanding of course.)"

So, don't dismiss the darker shade. I hope you'll agree that any one of the dresses I've shown above would be more than wearable to any wedding...     

To read Perrie's article in full click here

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