Friday, 16 May 2014

Are You A Summer Or Winter Dresser?
                                 Isabel Marant SS14                                                                         Saint Laurent AW14

With summer almost in sight, are you breathing a sigh of relief or preparing to take a deep breath?

In the current edition of InStyle magazine, Hannah Rochell asks two fashion editors how they feel about shedding their winter layers...

Laura Craik, fashion editor of The Times, admits to preferring the security of opaques and a winter coat. "There are two types of women in life:...", she says, "...those who are a dab hand with a tanning mitt and those who cack-handedly end up with streaks all down their calves. The latter would be me". 

But according to fashion editor of The Guardian, Jess Cartner-Morley, "When it comes to feel-good fashion, nothing beats the days when getting dressed means knickers, bra, cotton dress, done".  

Jess does have a point when she says "Summer fashion is easy", but for me, easy doesn't translate into stylish. Warm weather dressing chez moi is a constant challenge, as summer's carefree, colourful clothes don't chime with my love of layers, tailoring and preferred sober palette.  

As Laura says "...some women...are born to blossom under summer's gaze...". Unfortunately, I'm just not one of them...

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