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Questions, Questions...

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In her recent article for StyleCaster, Perrie Samotin suggests ten questions we should all ask ourselves before we splurge on something expensive.  But I think many of the questions she poses could really apply to shopping full stop!

Here are my top five.  What do you think?  

Question 1: Do I already own something like it?
First things first: Take a cold, hard look at your closet and see if you already own something that resembles your potential purchase. If the answer is yes, you might want to skip spending out on it, unless you plan to get rid of the one you already own. Why? Because it’s a known fact that the more you own, the less you wear.

Question 2: If the label was cut out, would it still be to my taste?
As fashion lovers, it’s a given that our inner Sybarite will occasionally emerge. But if you’re buying simply for a label and the item really isn't 'you', well, then it's time to step swiftly away from that rail.

Question 3: Is it an impulse buy?
Like social media, today’s world is also jam-packed with online promotions, special offers and discounts. While these can be fantastic if you’re legitimately in the market for something, they can be pretty dangerous for the casual shopper. Remember, impulse buys can end up causing a serious case of buyer's remorse.

Question 4: Realistically, how much wear will I get out of it?
There’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves to special-occasion pieces now and again. But with truly expensive buys it’s worth calculating the cost per wear — especially if the item might not fit into your lifestyle.  Why spend your hard-earned money on something that will just sit in your closet?

Question 5: Is it a one-season wonder?
While every spurge doesn't need to be on something "classic" that’ll last forever and ever (where’s the fun in that?) splashing out on something that’s so obviously the "it" item from a collection is rarely a good idea. Why? Because there’s an excellent chance that, after the season is over and the luster starts to fade, you might start to feel that your splurge was partially due to the immediacy of having something covetable, rather than having something you absolutely adore.

To read Perrie's article in full click here

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