Monday, 7 April 2014

How To...Master Modern Femininity

Chloé SS14 Campaign

In the current issue of Porter Magazine, Kay Barron talks to Chloé's creative director Clare Waight Keller about the famous French house, and the super cool spirit behind the brand.   

Here's an except from the Birmingham-born designer's interview, where she shares her thoughts on how to master modern femininity...  

Attitidue is Key
"The Chloé girl personifies a really feminine attitude, but with modernity and a real sense of cool. There are so many facets to her...But I think above everything, it is about the attitude." 

Don't Mistake Feminine for Girlie
"There is a misconception that femininity means frivolous and girlie.  It isn't about decorating a woman; it's about amplifying an aspect of her beauty."

Be Spontaneous
"The Parisian look isn't solely for the French. I think it is just a modern aesthetic to feel quite effortless.  The look doesn't feel forced, doesn't feel prepared".

Don't Worry About your Body 
"You are always going to feel great in a piece that feels made for you, regardless of your shape."

Step out of your Comfort Zone
"It's important to experience, see and do different things.  I think it's good to build a 'library' in your head of different looks and references - it stretches your imagination."

Think Beyond a Dress
"People think of feminine and they think of dresses, but there can be femininity in any piece you wear."

Concealing is Sexier than Revealing
" sense the essence of the body; the clothes moving with it and around it add mystery...There is a sensuality to covering up that is natural and effortless."

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  1. I dunno. Being a tomboy I do get sceptical about all these fashion wah wahs talking about feminine beauty because each woman has a different kind of beauty. Beauty is also a very generic term. What specific beauty are they talking about?

  2. I agree. Beauty means different things to different people. And as the saying goes, is in the eye of the beholder. Clare Waight Keller gives an insight in this interview as to how she sees the Chloé vision of femininity, but there are many interpretations.