Thursday, 3 April 2014

A New Look At Layering

Isabel Marant

When confronted with a sheer piece of clothing, our response is often instantly 'What am I going to wear underneath it?'. But why not look at things a little differently? Why not use the piece as a base and layer up?

This sheer red Isabel Marant top we currently have in store was styled just this way by the designer for her catwalk show.

And I've used the Roberto Cavalli sheer animal print top we have on sale as the foundation piece for this look...

Past & Precious

Red Metallic Top:
Isabel Marant
Size 8 £85.00

Brown Jacket:
Emporio Armani
Size 8 £125.00

Cream Waistcoat:
Diane Von Furstenburg
Size 8 £45.00

Sheer Animal Print Top:
Roberto Cavalli
Size 10 £55.00

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