Friday, 7 March 2014


Carven: The Shlutch

How do you carry your bag? According to Garance Doré, it says as much about you as the bag itself! 

Each season, designers insist on showing us different ways to carry our bags, regardless of how they're obviously meant to be carried! And I love Garance's comical take on the meanings behind this carry on...

The Shlutch (shield-clutch): You're a little bit paranoid. You turn corners carefully and won’t watch a scary movie without the protection of a giant pillow or boyfriend to hide behind.

The Blutch (bag as clutch): You aren’t here to conform, you’re going to carry your handbag however you want! (Even if that means lugging a duffle bag under your arm, making it nearly impossible for you to use your hands).

The Bag Lady: You’re an intern. But not a canvas tote carrying intern, you are a seriously chic intern. You still do the job, meaning you run errands and bring back the daily coffee order, but there is no way you’re going to carry all of that stuff in a fabric tote. No way! You’re sorting it all into three gorgeous handbags. 

The ‘What back?’ Backpack: You're a bit of a commitment-phobe. You want to be that backpack wearing fashionista, bu
t you’re not quite ready to actually put it on your back!

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