Saturday, 11 January 2014

What's in your Closet+?

Closet+ Screen Shot

As I'm now the proud owner of an iPad Air (thank you Santa!), the world of the app is now my oyster. And it'll probably come as no surprise that I've been enjoying checking out anything that has a style or fashion bent.

My latest find is Closet+, a handy little app that has transformed my wardrobe into an online catalogue of clothes.  I'm hooked!

The app enables you to sort your wardrobe into categories, outfits and favourites, and by using the calendar feature you can track when items were last worn and even calculate their cost per wear!

Closet+ Screen Shot

Other features include the ability to create packing lists for forthcoming trips, and being able to tag items so that you can keep track of what needs dry cleaning or mending.

I must admit, I didn't relish the thought of snapping my entire wardrobe, but I've managed to find pictures of most of what's in my wardrobe online, via Google Images from the comfort of my sofa!  

Closet+ Screen Shot

Closet+ is free to download for the first given number of photos, so it's definitely worth giving it a try.  

I quickly upgraded to the full version, which for £2.99 gives me the ability to upload an unlimited number of pictures as well as access to all future updates.    

You can download the Closet+ app here

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