Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hot off the Press

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Scouring the fashion press and surfing the style sites on the internet are two of the best, and easiest, ways to start honing your personal style. The more images and ideas you can expose yourself to, the clearer your clothing likes and dislikes will be become. 

The February glossies are now on newsstands, and they offer a first look in print at the new season styles.  So, it's the perfect time to start investing some time in you!  

Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your perusing... 

* Always remember, the glossies are not catalogues.  These high end magazines are designed to showcase the best of high fashion.  You're seeing in purest form the designs that will undoubtedly be diluted on the high street come the spring.  

* Budget is not the issue here.  It's not about affording the clothes, but being inspired!   

* Try to pick up on those subtle changes in proportion, cut and colour that will define fashion's new direction for spring. 

* Be open minded. Don't dismiss those extreme images, or the pages of advertising!  And always look beyond the clothes. What is the mood of the shoot or campaign? How has the model's hair been styled and what type of make up is she wearing?     

* Cut out and keep those pages that inspire you.  Even keep a scrap book that you can refer back to as we head into spring.

For more tips and tricks on honing your personal style why not treat yourself to a style consultation? Click here for my contact details or pop in and see me at the shop. 

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