Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dressing Do's and Don'ts Part I

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It's that time of the year when the internet is awash with diet and fitness 'To Do's', so I'm mindful of giving you yet another list to try and live by...

However, unlike the aforementioned 'regimes', there's no pain to be had here.  Just some simple tips to help you gain a style savvy wardrobe this year. Fashion should always be fun!

Do wear everything in your wardrobe
With very few exceptions, saving certain pieces for 'best' is now considered an outdated concept, as well as being an expensive one! Styling your evening wear with your day time essentials will not only create a whole new wardrobe, but maximise the mileage out of your clothes too!

Do look after your clothes
Carefully cared for clothes not only last longer, but look and feel better too! Replace wire hangers with more substantial versions, and invest in some scented wardrobe sachets and drawer liners to create that boutique feel at home.

Do seek out a good tailor
Finding the perfect fit 'off the peg' is truly a stroke of good luck.  A good tailor is essential to maintaining a wardrobe that constantly works, and can also breathe new life into those tired and forgotten pieces lurking at the back of your closet!

Do become a savvy shopper
Shop early each season so that you have the pick of the new styles.  Finding out when your favourite stores take delivery of their collections, as well as when their sales start, will ensure that you don't miss a trick.

Do be inspired
Fashion should be enjoyed, and clothes are a fun way of expressing ourselves.  Getting dressed is an opportunity for daily reinvention, so what are you waiting for!

Look out for Part II of this post tomorrow...  

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