Friday, 31 January 2014

Brand New Boots!

Brian Atwood

Just in!  These brand new 'Teana' boots from US designer Brian Atwood. 

Previously on sale at Net A Porter, this stunning pair of stiletto heels are a real style steal ...

Net A Porter

Size: 4.5 / Price: £270.00 (Cost New £470.00)

To register your interest in this item simply click here and we'll keep you updated regarding their availability.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Style Statement

Images via Pinterest

How to brighten up a simple t-shirt or sweatshirt?  Add a piece of stunning statement jewellery!

And this brand new necklace with its tags still attached has just arrived in store...


Price: £55.00 (Cost New £85.00)

To register your interest in this item simply click here and we'll keep you updated regarding its availability.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Tools of the Trade

I've recently invested in a couple of Louise Young make up brushes (another Ruth Crilly recommendation) and have been really pleased with the results. So I thought I'd share the details with you.

I used to apply my foundation with my finger tips, which is great if I want quite a full coverage.  But for a sheerer, more even finish I don't think you can beat a brush. 

Super Foundation Brush LY34

And this foundation brush has been really easy to get to grips with. The bristles are also stiff enough to buff the product onto my skin, without being too harsh. 

Super Blusher Brush LY06

This is the softest blusher brush I've ever used.  And although it picks up quite a bit of powder, it doesn't deposit it all in one place!  The clever design makes it really easy to gradually build up the colour to a depth I'm happy with. 

I bought my brushes online from BeautyBay here

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Get the Look
Louis Vuitton SS14

More Louis Vuitton!

The mesh detailing on these catwalk creations is mirrored on the shoulders of this stunning Sandro dress we currently have in store...


Size: 8 / Price: £99.00

To register your interest in this item simply click here and we'll keep you updated regarding its availability.

Monday, 27 January 2014

London Calling

Image via Pinterest

Happy birthday to me!  I often spend today in my favourite city, and this year's no exception...

There's always so much to do and see in our capital, and I keep a running list of places I'd like to visit. Today, food and fashion are on the agenda, two of my favourite things!


I came across this unique coffee shop on Twitter.  Attendant is housed in a former Victorian toilet!  Elevenses today are certainly going to be an experience...

Kate Moss by Russell Marshall

As you probably know, Kate Moss recently turned 40, and to celebrate her colourful career, a retrospective has opened at Imitate Modern on London's Devonshire Street.

I'm looking forward to seeing artist Russell Marshall's screen printed canvases of our favourite supermodel. 

Pizza Pilgrims

I saw the two British guys who founded this quaint little lunch spot on Channel 4's 'Sunday Brunch' recently, and was sold!  A little enthusiasm certainly goes a long way. And I do love a good pizza.  

Bar Italia

Bar Italia in Soho is a local institution, known for its great coffee as well as its unique atmosphere.  But I have to confess, it's their lemon and sultana cheesecake that keeps me going back again and again... 

What are your favourite London haunts?  I'd love more 'To Do's' to add to my list! 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Let There Be Light

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

I've not used a powder as part of my make up routine for quite a while now, as I prefer a dewy rather than matte finish to my foundation. And I'm lucky enough not to suffer from the dreaded shine!  But I've just discovered this little gem of a product and all that has now changed...  

I'm already a fan of Hourglass products (I've previously blogged about their Veil Mineral Primer and I also now use their Nude Lip Stylo) and this powder is another winner.

It's designed to capture and reflect light onto the skin, and it really does gives my complexion a lovely soft glow.  I chose 'Diffused Light' which is the most natural shade, but there are six to choose from.

If you'd like to see the powder in action, take a look at Ruth Crilly's video below.  I do love this British model's no nonsense make up tutorials...   

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is available from Space NK here

See more from Ruth Crilly here

Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Season Inspiration
Louis Vuitton SS14

I never thought I'd see the day when my new season inspiration would come from a Louis Vuitton show!  But Marc Jacobs' final collection for the revered French house certainly hit my fashion spot.

While the 'show girl' creations were rather fantastical, with models sporting beautiful feathered headdresses and several in sheer bodysuits, only the likes of Lady Gaga would lift a whole look straight from the catwalk...
Lady Gaga on The Graham Norton Show

For me, it's all about whether the individual pieces that make up a catwalk 'look' appeal to my sense of style, or if the particular way the outfits have been put together inspire me, and the clothes and styling in the Vuitton show ticked both these boxes.

For example, I love the idea of mixing a light wash denim jean with a sheer black top, a look I'll definitely be channelling come the warmer weather, with these items I already have in my wardrobe!

Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire

Friday, 24 January 2014

The 'No Trend' Trend

Vogue: The Catwalk Edit SS14



So, as Vogue says, if you want to wear every colour under the rainbow, go for it! In the mood for laid back sportswear one day, lavish opulence the next? There's nothing to stop you now. 

Fashion today is about focusing on those pieces that reflect our personalties rather than on a designer's dictat. What do you want from your new season wardrobe?  

Thursday, 23 January 2014

What's on your Wish List?

What's on your new season wish list wardrobe wise?  With spring around the corner, what are your must haves for the months ahead? 

If you're trying to track down a certain something, then why not let us help you?  Did you know that we offer a sourcing service here at the shop?

Simply let us know what you're looking for and let us do the rest!  Here's a handy online form to fill in with your wants or wishes, or give us a call or pop into the shop with the details. 

Whether it's a particular designer bag, a favourite brand of jean, or simply a certain style or colour of garment to pull an outfit together, just let us know!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Hot off the Press

Image via Pinterest

Scouring the fashion press and surfing the style sites on the internet are two of the best, and easiest, ways to start honing your personal style. The more images and ideas you can expose yourself to, the clearer your clothing likes and dislikes will be become. 

The February glossies are now on newsstands, and they offer a first look in print at the new season styles.  So, it's the perfect time to start investing some time in you!  

Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your perusing... 

* Always remember, the glossies are not catalogues.  These high end magazines are designed to showcase the best of high fashion.  You're seeing in purest form the designs that will undoubtedly be diluted on the high street come the spring.  

* Budget is not the issue here.  It's not about affording the clothes, but being inspired!   

* Try to pick up on those subtle changes in proportion, cut and colour that will define fashion's new direction for spring. 

* Be open minded. Don't dismiss those extreme images, or the pages of advertising!  And always look beyond the clothes. What is the mood of the shoot or campaign? How has the model's hair been styled and what type of make up is she wearing?     

* Cut out and keep those pages that inspire you.  Even keep a scrap book that you can refer back to as we head into spring.

For more tips and tricks on honing your personal style why not treat yourself to a style consultation? Click here for my contact details or pop in and see me at the shop. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Back in Business

Image via Pinterest

We're open! Yes, after a very long week spent under the weather (to put it mildly...) it's great to be back in business.

Sincere apologies to all of you who popped down to the shop last week only to find we were closed, and a huge thank you for all the kind wishes I received for a speedy recovery.

Despite the shop being shut, the internet never sleeps and a sale to a customer in California yesterday certainly helped lift my spirits.

Looking forward to a busy week back.  Do pop in and see us!

Monday, 13 January 2014

Past & Precious on Instagram!

Calling all iPhone and iPad users!  You can now keep up to date with our latest arrivals, as well as our final reductions, via Instagram.

Photos of our 'just in' items will be uploaded to our dedicated account, which will also be updated to show when stock has been reduced.

You can download the Instagram app for free here and follow us under the user name 'pastandprecious'. 

So, whether you prefer to browse our Blog, peruse Pinterest or are addicted to Instagram, you'll never miss out on that must have!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

What's in your Closet+?

Closet+ Screen Shot

As I'm now the proud owner of an iPad Air (thank you Santa!), the world of the app is now my oyster. And it'll probably come as no surprise that I've been enjoying checking out anything that has a style or fashion bent.

My latest find is Closet+, a handy little app that has transformed my wardrobe into an online catalogue of clothes.  I'm hooked!

The app enables you to sort your wardrobe into categories, outfits and favourites, and by using the calendar feature you can track when items were last worn and even calculate their cost per wear!

Closet+ Screen Shot

Other features include the ability to create packing lists for forthcoming trips, and being able to tag items so that you can keep track of what needs dry cleaning or mending.

I must admit, I didn't relish the thought of snapping my entire wardrobe, but I've managed to find pictures of most of what's in my wardrobe online, via Google Images from the comfort of my sofa!  

Closet+ Screen Shot

Closet+ is free to download for the first given number of photos, so it's definitely worth giving it a try.  

I quickly upgraded to the full version, which for £2.99 gives me the ability to upload an unlimited number of pictures as well as access to all future updates.    

You can download the Closet+ app here

Friday, 10 January 2014

A Must 'C'

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen my retweet (and resounding support) of Kate Lawson's recent article on about the lack of serious fashion on TV. Something which I bemoan often when yet another 'makeover' programme hits our screens.

Fashion can be frivolous yes, but as well as being a rather significant part of all of our lives, the industry itself is worth a staggering £21bn to the UK economy!  So, I don't think it's too much to ask of the powers that be that they take it just a little more seriously sometimes?   

You won't be surprised to learn then, that whenever it's announced in the press that a fashion documentary or film is in the works, I'm (almost) counting the days until its release date.  And 'Mademoiselle C' was my latest indulgence. 

I watched the film over the holidays, a documentary that follows fashion stylist and former Editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld, in the months leading up to the launch of her eponymous magazine 'CR Fashion Book'.  Whether you can call it 'serious' is a matter for debate I admit, but it gives the viewer a fascinating insight into the workings of the industry and the lives of the people who inhabit Carine's world.

CR Fashion Book Issue 3


What I enjoyed most about the film was seeing Carine the person, rather than the fashion personality.  Her mode of dressing can be considered quite 'fierce', and so I have tended to think of her in that way.  But seeing her on camera, nothing could be further from the truth.  You discover the real woman behind the clothes.

Image via Pinterest

And the funniest moment of the film? Seeing Karl Lagerfeld pushing a pram.  Priceless! 

For more details of the film click here

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dressing Do's and Don'ts Part II

Image via Pinterest

And now for the 'Don'ts'.  Here's the second post of my two parter...  

Don't put your style on hold
Avoid buying items that don't fit you, or your lifestyle.  Ensure that you have a truly wearable wardrobe by shopping only for those pieces which you can enjoy now.

Don't forget the details
Whether you're a high street or high end shopper, pay close attention to quality, cut and fit.  Investing the time to build a great wardrobe will save you precious minutes in front of the mirror each morning!

Don't be a slave to fashion
Looking up to date doesn't mean dressing head to toe in the latest trends.  Focus instead on finding those key pieces that will give you the look and feel of each season, without compromising your own unique style.

Don't get stuck in a style rut
Embracing your 'signature style' doesn't mean that fashion will no longer be fun.  Keep your look fresh by seeking out new labels and experimenting with new styles.

Don't get caught up in sales fever
Ensure you bag a true bargain at sale time by resisting those random spending sprees. Think about what you really want or need before you leave the house, and focus on clothes for the coming months, rather than those garments you wish you had bought at the beginning of the season.  

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dressing Do's and Don'ts Part I

Image via Pinterest

It's that time of the year when the internet is awash with diet and fitness 'To Do's', so I'm mindful of giving you yet another list to try and live by...

However, unlike the aforementioned 'regimes', there's no pain to be had here.  Just some simple tips to help you gain a style savvy wardrobe this year. Fashion should always be fun!

Do wear everything in your wardrobe
With very few exceptions, saving certain pieces for 'best' is now considered an outdated concept, as well as being an expensive one! Styling your evening wear with your day time essentials will not only create a whole new wardrobe, but maximise the mileage out of your clothes too!

Do look after your clothes
Carefully cared for clothes not only last longer, but look and feel better too! Replace wire hangers with more substantial versions, and invest in some scented wardrobe sachets and drawer liners to create that boutique feel at home.

Do seek out a good tailor
Finding the perfect fit 'off the peg' is truly a stroke of good luck.  A good tailor is essential to maintaining a wardrobe that constantly works, and can also breathe new life into those tired and forgotten pieces lurking at the back of your closet!

Do become a savvy shopper
Shop early each season so that you have the pick of the new styles.  Finding out when your favourite stores take delivery of their collections, as well as when their sales start, will ensure that you don't miss a trick.

Do be inspired
Fashion should be enjoyed, and clothes are a fun way of expressing ourselves.  Getting dressed is an opportunity for daily reinvention, so what are you waiting for!

Look out for Part II of this post tomorrow...  

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Over to You...

Image via Pinterest

I've had some great feedback from you all to my blog since I launched it two years ago, thank you! But there's always room for improvement... 

A Past & Precious website is in the works, but in the meantime, are there any changes or improvements you'd like to see to the blog?

Which posts do you prefer, or would like to see more of?  Are there any particular topics that you'd like me to cover?  Do let me know what interests you.

Here's a simple feedback form for you to fill in with your thoughts or ideas, or do pop in and see me at the shop.

Thank you very much for your input.  It's always appreciated! 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Winter Warmers

Image via Pinterest

With the Christmas festivities over and the shortest day behind us, it's all too easy to believe that we're out of the woods as far as winter is concerned.  

And with the sales in full swing and the world of fashion now firmly focused on next season, all eyes seem to be set on spring.

However, and I hate to say it, the harshest three months are undoubtedly still ahead of us...

Here's a selection of some of the great winter warmers we currently have in store. Sadly, there's still plenty of time to maximise that all important cost per wear potential! 

Wildfox Knit
Size 8/10

Armani Collezioni Wool Coat
Size 8

Joseph Reversible Sheepskin Gilet
Size 10
Was £295.00
Now £225.00

Orla Kiely Wool Dress
Size 10
New with Tags

To see more of our winter warmers click here.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Style (Re)solution

The start of a new year is traditionally the time when many of us look to 'reinvent' ourselves, and changing our personal style is one of the most immediate ways to transform not only ourselves, but how others see us.

Rethinking old wardrobe habits can be hard, but looking and feeling great every day is easy when you know how.  So, if you're looking to refresh your image or simply want to revitalise your wardrobe, why wait?  

To learn more about booking a personal style consultation with me simply pop into the shop, or click here for my contact details. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Calm Without the Storm

Most of us love the thrill of bagging a bargain, although I don't know about you, the scrum that is sales shopping is just not for me.

Here at Past & Precious we offer fantastic savings on those designer desirables all year round, and did you know that items which remain unsold are then reduced even further, by up to 50%? 

If you like your retail therapy without the scrum of the sales, then do come and enjoy the calm of our cosy little store.

We're open from 10.00am to 5.00pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Click here to see an edited selection of our current sale items.