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The Seven Deadly Sins of Shopping...

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...and how to avoid them, courtesy of Vogue Australia's Julia Frank. Are you a shopping saint or sinner?  

1. Spending big on payday
Yes, you deserve a reward but spending the majority of your pay check on shopping is not how the money-savvy operate. If you can’t resist an investment (read: expensive) item, rather save up over a period of time than splurge now and regret later. 

2. Buying recklessly at sales 
Most people approach sales with questionable logic and walk away with ‘bargains’ that are too small, too big and/or off-style. You may think ‘I’m saving 30%’ but remember you’re still outlaying the other 70%. Sales can be thrilling, just be 100% sure of your purchase. 

3. Hitting the shops with friends 
A great friendship does not necessarily mean a great shopping partnership. Only go with someone you unequivocally trust or go alone. 

4. Forgetting to review your existing wardrobe
You should always know what you already have before you add to your wardrobe. Unless you’re replacing something that’s old and tired or it’s a worthy variation on a theme, be clear about what you really need to complement what you already have. 

5. Taking the term ‘retail therapy’ literally
It’s ingrained in popular culture but shopping to numb any kind of (serious) pain is dangerous. It can take the edge off a bad hair day, but don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment or you risk committing all the shopping sins already mentioned.    

6. Blindly trusting the shop assistant (yes, really!) 
A shop assistant may put the interests of sales targets ahead of you, the trusting customer. Have a good knowledge of what really suits your body shape, height and skin tone before you let a stranger convince you otherwise. The best sellers will never let you leave with something unflattering. 

7. Immediately ripping off tags and throwing out receipts 
Make sure you try your new purchase on at home BEFORE cutting off the shop's tag or discarding the receipt. Tags and a receipt will be your saviour if you discover previously unseen holes, marks, still-affixed security devices or you've simply taken home the wrong size!

To read Julia's article in full click here

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