Thursday, 19 December 2013

Chic on the Cheap!

The Sunday Times Style Magazine

There's a knack to making even the most affordable buy look expensive.  Last weekend's Sunday Times Style Magazine featured a handy guide by fashion writer Laura Weir on making the thrifty look nifty, and I thought I'd share her top tips with you...  

Match Carefully
Wearing matching prints is a big trend, but beware of print matching woes.  Does the print on your top and bottom half line up?  Avoid this high street hazard by scouring the rails for the perfect matching set. 

Do your own Tailoring
Let's face it, no one is truly a standard size.  And it can cost as little as £10 for a nip and tuck to make that high street jacket look as sharp as a Balmain!

Minimal Shop
Accessories are hard to make look good on the cheap.  The solution?  Avoid fuss and frills and keep your choices basic. 

Fake the Sparkle
Gobstopper sized fakes appear ridiculous.  But a delicate cluster of small stones in a fine romanic setting always look great.

Go for Coloured Fur
Dyed faux fur is always the better buy for those looking for a luxe looking bargain. So invest in a cool fake in a pretty colour.

Source: 'Chic on the Cheap' - Laura Weir, The Sunday Times Style Magazine

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