Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Utmost Importance of Shoes

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You can never have enough high heels.  So says Nina Garcia, the Creative Director of Marie Claire in the US, and a woman who admits to often dressing from the shoe up.

But regardless of whether you share her obvious love of fancy footwear, I think most of us would agree with Nina when she writes in her book... 

"A great pair of heels is a powerful thing - it can change your mood, your posture, and your attitude; it can make a boring outfit instantly fabulous, and it always makes your legs look better." 

Here are Nina's top ground rules...

Invest in a good pair of shoes.
Even if it's only one pair, and spend wisely. It's impossible to make a cheap shoe look expensive.

Wear your size!
When women try to squeeze into a smaller size it notices!  Toes spilling out of a pair of strappy, sexy sandals is a very painful sight.

Only show two cracks of toe cleavage, no more.

Get pedicures
Chipped polish and cracked heels are not acceptable.

Don't go too high
There is such a thing as too high.  You will not be able to walk correctly, and your posture will shift.

Watch your proportions
Hardly anyone can pull off a very short skirt with a very high heel!

Source: The Little Black Book of Style - Nina Garcia

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