Friday, 22 November 2013

The Status Sweater
                          Givenchy                                                         Céline                                                      Stella McCartney

"As fashion's spotlight continues to shine on daywear, the humble pullover has been catapulted into new realms of desirability" Sarah Harris, Vogue

You may have noticed the sweater's subtle move up the fashion ladder in recent seasons. The once simple knit has now become an 'it' item,  with certain styles attracting waiting lists, as well as four figure price tags! 

This now 'considered buy' falls into two distinct categories...  

The first is made up of subtle styles defined by expert cut, silhouette and quiet design quirks, as seen on the Céline catwalk.

The second is a whole other breed entirely, comprising instantly recognisable styles with loud, shouty logos or emblazoned with motifs of another kind. Givenchy being the go-to brand.

With their hefty price tags, these new sweaters need to work hard for their money, so it's with a stylish sigh of relief that fashion's current focus on understated luxury means that after dark sweater dressing is now de rigueur!

So, four figure price tag or not, wear your status sweater dressed down during the day, and then in the evening pair it with a sequin or embellished skirt. Modern casual cool with an eye on that all important cost per wear!  

Reference: The It Sweater - Vogue Magazine, November 2013

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