Monday, 18 November 2013

Ladies Man

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Dutch Model Saskia de Brauw

In the AW13 edition of The Fashion, Lauren Cochrane explores tom boy style, and here are her top tips on how to wear menswear without feeling mannish...

Keep something feminine visible
If it's a man's shirt, you need an exposed décolletage, or wear trousers cuffed to show ankles and heels.  Playing with contrasts is part of the fun.

Borrow from the boys
Shop in the menswear department, or borrow your partner's clothes, à la Isabel Marant!

Seek out womenswear that's cut to look like menswear
Relaxed shapes appeared in womenswear everywhere for autumn, from Stella McCartney to Rag & Bone.

Or, look for men's staples adapted for women
Brands are springing up to cater to this new facet to tom boy chic, such as Filles A Papa, E Tautz and Mr Start.

Try out the new 'unisex chic'
More and more designers are investigating the idea of unisex. At Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane has introduced a mainly unisex line and Richard Nicholl has collaborated with artist Linder Sterling to make SH/e - a unisex line.

Source: "Girls who like Boys' Clothes" - Lauren Cochrane, The Fashion AW13 

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