Sunday, 17 November 2013

How to...Dress Like a Parisian Part II

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French Voguettes

More musings from Michelle Lau on the secrets of Parisian style... 

The tailored jacket
Because the French Voguettes say so, and who are we to disagree?  Details to look for? Structured shoulders, a great lapel, a style that just skims the top of the hip, and more ornate touches like gold buttons or embellished epaulettes for an unexpected twist.

The chic black flat
Whatever the occasion and your inclination, do as the Parisians do and pair this enduringly chic shoe with an evening dress or blue jeans. It’s smart and sophisticated with a side of French gamine.

The fedora
The devil’s in the details and it’s the fedora that can singlehandedly take an outfit from average to amazing. A small tip though: the brim should point downwards, neither too narrow nor too floppy, and make sure it comes in black, of course. 

The crisp white shirt
It goes without saying that a white button-down is a vital building block in anyone’s closet, least of all a Parisians’. For something a little unexpected, shop in the mens’ department; opt for a linen or brushed cotton shirt in the smallest size you can find, leave the tails half-out and simply roll up the sleeves. Instant French chic – and in clothes you can move in. 

Investment dressing
Learn to appreciate the buttery soft leather on a hand-crafted handbag; the timelessness of black high-heeled pumps; and the luxuriousness of a well-cut cashmere coat. Whilst the outlay will be considerable in the short-term, you’ll find that five years down the track they’ll still be hanging in the wardrobe, well-worn but worn with love. 

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