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How to...Dress Like a Parisian Part I

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Why are some of us so deeply fascinated by what the French woman wears? 

And why do many of us harbour a secret desire to emulate the Emmanuelle Alts of this world?

So asks Michelle Lau in her recent piece for Vogue Australia. But after spending a week in Paris, the 'Minute Away from Snowing' blogger feels she is that little bit closer to understanding French style...

Does it come in black?
Fling open the doors to a typical Parisian closet and you’ll no doubt be presented with a subdued palette of black, navy, white and beige. It’s far from unimaginative though. The secret to monochromatic chic is ensuring everything fits as it should. 

The trench
The trench coat forms an integral part of the Parisian uniform, praised for its effortless ability to weather any (sartorial) storm.  Remember: the longer, looser and languid the coat, the better.

A practices eye for proportion
A fundamental key to achieving great, personal style is to dress for your own body shape, and know exactly what works for you to best flatter your figure. And remember these two golden rules many French women swear by: long and loose, not short and tight; and, as the hem goes up, the heel goes down.

The ankle boots
Spindly stilettos are a recipe for disaster when combined with treacherous cobblestones, so Parisians tend to opt for footwear that’s practical and chic. Make a beeline for a chic pair of boots which are street style-worthy and just as kind on the feet.

The unkempt hair
It’s a universally acknowledged fact that the typical French woman does not like to brush her hair (as Carine Roitfeld says "the messier the better").   Spend more time grooming your brows than your tresses.

Look out for Part II of this post tomorrow...

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