Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fashion SOS

Image: Alisdair McLellan

With the cold weather well and truly with us, it's time to take on the challenges of winter fashion!  So says, Harriet Baker of

Here are a few of her winter style lifesavers, with some of my local tips and tricks thrown in for good measure...     

Cupboard Love
If you haven't done so already, it's time to pack up your lighter clothing and clear your wardrobe ready for winter's return. It's rarely a job that's relished, so why not book an appointment with me and I'll do the hard work for you!  
A Stitch in Time
Has your cashmere fallen prey to hungry moths? Be one step ahead this season, and pop into the shop to pick up some of our essential Total Wardrobe Care products.

Well Heeled
Don't forget to get your favourite boots reheeled for winter.  My go to guy is Mark, the shoe repairer at Johnsons Dry Cleaners in Tunbridge Wells.  Tell him I sent you!  

Luxury Legs
Nobody loves a ladder, so slip an extra pair of tights into your bag in case of a disaster.

Winter Warmers
Don't be afraid of thermal underwear.  As my clients will tell you, I'm a fan of Marks & Spencer's Heatgen thermal tops. Definitely my winter lifesavers! 

To read Harriet's article in full click here

Friday, 29 November 2013

New Heights!


Tunisian born designer Azzedine Alaia is revered in the fashion industry for his craftsmanship and attention to detail.  

His eponymous label is considered the height of luxury, and these barely worn leather boots with their zipped detail will elevate any outfit to new heights! 

These black beauties come complete with their original buckle fastening box, and monogrammed dust bags. 

Size: 7 / Price: £350.00

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Small and Mighty

Accessories are always a great investment, and they have the power to transform an outfit instantly!

These dramatic but delicate metal earrings will add that essential edge to day, as well as after dark dressing.

New in store... 

Price from left to right:

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Right Stripe /
                     Stella McCartney                                                 Zara                                                Maison Martin Margiela

Suit up this season in a piece of pinstripe!

Whether you're a high end or high street shopper, you can't fail to have noticed that the traditional chalk stripe jacket is the one to wear this winter.

And here in store we've just taken delivery of this wonderful wool MaxMara...    


Size: 12 / Price: £199.00

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A New System

System Magazine Issue 2

There's been much talk in the style press of late about the demise of the printed magazine. With the rise of the internet and social media, access to fashion news and imagery is now instant, and the traditional magazines are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with this 'as it happens' coverage.

However, the internet does have its own shortcomings, and I know I'm not alone in finding it difficult to see a lengthy online article through to the end, however interesting the subject matter.  

And this is where I think print has a real future, and where magazines such as System come into their own.  I love nothing more than sitting down with a coffee and a great glossy read...

The second edition of this bi-annual magazine has just landed on my door mat, and includes a (very rare) interview with Rei Kawakubo of Commes des Garçons (the launch edition featured the first interview with Nicolas Ghesquière after his departure from Balenciaga, another coup) as well as an 'in conversation' piece with Melanie Ward.

Melanie is one of my favourite stylists, and she's also an editor at Harpers Bazaar US. She's a Brit, and I love the edginess that she always brings to her work.  Here are a few of the shots that accompany the magazine interview, styled by the woman herself of course... 

Andreea Diaconu by Glen Luchford / Styled by Melanie Ward

For subscription information click here

Monday, 25 November 2013

Past & Precious on Pinterest!

You can now keep up to date with our latest arrivals, as well as our final reductions, via our new Pinterest board.

Photos of our 'just in' items will be uploaded to a dedicated board, which will also be updated to show when stock has been reduced.

So whether you're a blogger or a pinner, never miss out on that must have!

Click here to view the Past & Precious board, and don't forget to bookmark the page!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

(Another) Style Steal!

This tweed, pleat front skirt from Carven's AW13 collection has just arrived in store!

The French house of Carven was established in 1945 by Madame Carmen de Tomasso, and under the current creative director Guillaume Henry has become known for it's fun as well as functional designs.

Case in point, this seemingly straight forward skirt has playful contrasting red tweed pockets...  

This brand new buy comes with it's original tags attached, and is still available online here

Size 12 / Price: £165.00 (Cost New £265.00)

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside


Brrr...and don't we just know it!

Wrap up this season in this stylish Missoni scarf. A worthy addition to any winter wardrobe.    

New in store. 

Price: £75.00 (Cost New £150.00)

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Friday, 22 November 2013

The Status Sweater
                          Givenchy                                                         Céline                                                      Stella McCartney

"As fashion's spotlight continues to shine on daywear, the humble pullover has been catapulted into new realms of desirability" Sarah Harris, Vogue

You may have noticed the sweater's subtle move up the fashion ladder in recent seasons. The once simple knit has now become an 'it' item,  with certain styles attracting waiting lists, as well as four figure price tags! 

This now 'considered buy' falls into two distinct categories...  

The first is made up of subtle styles defined by expert cut, silhouette and quiet design quirks, as seen on the Céline catwalk.

The second is a whole other breed entirely, comprising instantly recognisable styles with loud, shouty logos or emblazoned with motifs of another kind. Givenchy being the go-to brand.

With their hefty price tags, these new sweaters need to work hard for their money, so it's with a stylish sigh of relief that fashion's current focus on understated luxury means that after dark sweater dressing is now de rigueur!

So, four figure price tag or not, wear your status sweater dressed down during the day, and then in the evening pair it with a sequin or embellished skirt. Modern casual cool with an eye on that all important cost per wear!  

Reference: The It Sweater - Vogue Magazine, November 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Style Steal!


These amazing metallic textured boots from Lanvin's AW13 collection have just arrived in store.

New and unworn, these still boxed beauties are a real style steal! 

They are currently available on premium online shopping site Farfetch here

Size: 5 / Price: £385.00 (Cost New £585.00)

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!

Image: Nick Knight
Isabella Blow

From today, London's Somerset House will play host to an exhibition dedicated to the life and wardrobe of one of fashion's great eccentrics, Isabella Blow. 

The late fashion director and stylist, who's thirty year career included positions at Tatler, Vogue and the Sunday Times Style, was a great patron of British fashion -  she discovered many of our best known design talents, including Alexander McQueen, and was also responsible for launching the careers of successful models Stella Tennant and Sophie Dahl.

Her idiosyncratic wardrobe, now owned by Daphne Guinness, is heralded as one of the most important private collections of late 20th Century/early 21st Century British fashion, and over 100 of her pieces, together with photographs, correspondence and footage contributed by those who knew her, will be on display at the exhibition.

'Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore!' runs until 2nd March 2014.

For more information about the exhibition click here

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Faking It

Elle Magazine

"This season is all about faking it. Fur, that is." - Elle Magazine

Designers have embraced faux fur this season, in all its forms.  

A stylish piece of the fake stuff is a great way to dress down a luxe look, as well as tap into the current texture trend.

And here in store we've just taken delivery of this super cool Graham & Spencer cream coat! So, what better time to start faking it...

Graham & Spencer

Size: 10-12 / Price: £185.00

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Ladies Man

Image via Pinterest
Dutch Model Saskia de Brauw

In the AW13 edition of The Fashion, Lauren Cochrane explores tom boy style, and here are her top tips on how to wear menswear without feeling mannish...

Keep something feminine visible
If it's a man's shirt, you need an exposed décolletage, or wear trousers cuffed to show ankles and heels.  Playing with contrasts is part of the fun.

Borrow from the boys
Shop in the menswear department, or borrow your partner's clothes, à la Isabel Marant!

Seek out womenswear that's cut to look like menswear
Relaxed shapes appeared in womenswear everywhere for autumn, from Stella McCartney to Rag & Bone.

Or, look for men's staples adapted for women
Brands are springing up to cater to this new facet to tom boy chic, such as Filles A Papa, E Tautz and Mr Start.

Try out the new 'unisex chic'
More and more designers are investigating the idea of unisex. At Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane has introduced a mainly unisex line and Richard Nicholl has collaborated with artist Linder Sterling to make SH/e - a unisex line.

Source: "Girls who like Boys' Clothes" - Lauren Cochrane, The Fashion AW13 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

How to...Dress Like a Parisian Part II

Image via Pinterest
French Voguettes

More musings from Michelle Lau on the secrets of Parisian style... 

The tailored jacket
Because the French Voguettes say so, and who are we to disagree?  Details to look for? Structured shoulders, a great lapel, a style that just skims the top of the hip, and more ornate touches like gold buttons or embellished epaulettes for an unexpected twist.

The chic black flat
Whatever the occasion and your inclination, do as the Parisians do and pair this enduringly chic shoe with an evening dress or blue jeans. It’s smart and sophisticated with a side of French gamine.

The fedora
The devil’s in the details and it’s the fedora that can singlehandedly take an outfit from average to amazing. A small tip though: the brim should point downwards, neither too narrow nor too floppy, and make sure it comes in black, of course. 

The crisp white shirt
It goes without saying that a white button-down is a vital building block in anyone’s closet, least of all a Parisians’. For something a little unexpected, shop in the mens’ department; opt for a linen or brushed cotton shirt in the smallest size you can find, leave the tails half-out and simply roll up the sleeves. Instant French chic – and in clothes you can move in. 

Investment dressing
Learn to appreciate the buttery soft leather on a hand-crafted handbag; the timelessness of black high-heeled pumps; and the luxuriousness of a well-cut cashmere coat. Whilst the outlay will be considerable in the short-term, you’ll find that five years down the track they’ll still be hanging in the wardrobe, well-worn but worn with love. 

To read Michelle's article in full click here

Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to...Dress Like a Parisian Part I

Images via Pinterest
                  Clémence Poésy                                         Capucine Safyurtlu                                         Emmanuelle Alt

Why are some of us so deeply fascinated by what the French woman wears? 

And why do many of us harbour a secret desire to emulate the Emmanuelle Alts of this world?

So asks Michelle Lau in her recent piece for Vogue Australia. But after spending a week in Paris, the 'Minute Away from Snowing' blogger feels she is that little bit closer to understanding French style...

Does it come in black?
Fling open the doors to a typical Parisian closet and you’ll no doubt be presented with a subdued palette of black, navy, white and beige. It’s far from unimaginative though. The secret to monochromatic chic is ensuring everything fits as it should. 

The trench
The trench coat forms an integral part of the Parisian uniform, praised for its effortless ability to weather any (sartorial) storm.  Remember: the longer, looser and languid the coat, the better.

A practices eye for proportion
A fundamental key to achieving great, personal style is to dress for your own body shape, and know exactly what works for you to best flatter your figure. And remember these two golden rules many French women swear by: long and loose, not short and tight; and, as the hem goes up, the heel goes down.

The ankle boots
Spindly stilettos are a recipe for disaster when combined with treacherous cobblestones, so Parisians tend to opt for footwear that’s practical and chic. Make a beeline for a chic pair of boots which are street style-worthy and just as kind on the feet.

The unkempt hair
It’s a universally acknowledged fact that the typical French woman does not like to brush her hair (as Carine Roitfeld says "the messier the better").   Spend more time grooming your brows than your tresses.

Look out for Part II of this post tomorrow...

Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello, My Name is...

Paul Smith

Step into the fashionable world of Sir Paul Smith at London's Design Museum.       

An exhibition which celebrates the career of one of Britain's most successful designers opens today, and charts the rise of the Paul Smith brand from its humble beginnings in Nottingham to international fashion force. 

'Hello, My Name is Paul Smith' runs until 9th March 2014.  

For more information about the exhibition click here

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Image via Pinterest

Too true!  I'm definitely a boot rather than a shoe girl, and can always find a reason to add another pair to my ever growing collection.

If you share a love of my favourite footwear, then a visit to the shop is a must!   We have a great selection of boots in store, and here are just a few of our latest arrivals...

Juicy Couture
Size 6.5

Vic Matié
Size 7

Size 6

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

J Crew Jenna's Style Commandments

Image via Pinterest
Jenna Lyons

As president and creative director of the American retail giant J Crew, Jenna Lyons has never been far from fashion's headlines. But following the brand's much feted opening of its first UK store last week, her name is one we're sure to be hearing much more of.  
And it's not just her success in business that has the fashion world buzzing. Jenna Lyons' personal style is also the subject of countless blogs, and has garnered her a dedicated following.

In a recent interview, the "...thinking woman's fashion pinup", according to Grazia Magazine, spoke about her style rules, and so I thought I'd share them with you...   

1. Don't divide your wardrobe into smart and casual.  Mix it up.

2. Trend is a dirty word.

3. Freshening up your look doesn't always have to be about buying something new.

4. Party dressing should never be head-to-toe shine and sparkle.

5. Details matter.

6. Mix colours in your jewellery, as well as your clothes.

7. Don't feel you have to wear a quirky look every day.

8. A masculine element will make any outfit more chic.

9. Don't ignore all those fabulous neon orange and moss-green pieces because you are not confident with colour.

10.You can't go wrong with cashmere.

Jenna Lyons spoke to The Guardian and you can read the full article here

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Utmost Importance of Shoes

Image via Pinterest

You can never have enough high heels.  So says Nina Garcia, the Creative Director of Marie Claire in the US, and a woman who admits to often dressing from the shoe up.

But regardless of whether you share her obvious love of fancy footwear, I think most of us would agree with Nina when she writes in her book... 

"A great pair of heels is a powerful thing - it can change your mood, your posture, and your attitude; it can make a boring outfit instantly fabulous, and it always makes your legs look better." 

Here are Nina's top ground rules...

Invest in a good pair of shoes.
Even if it's only one pair, and spend wisely. It's impossible to make a cheap shoe look expensive.

Wear your size!
When women try to squeeze into a smaller size it notices!  Toes spilling out of a pair of strappy, sexy sandals is a very painful sight.

Only show two cracks of toe cleavage, no more.

Get pedicures
Chipped polish and cracked heels are not acceptable.

Don't go too high
There is such a thing as too high.  You will not be able to walk correctly, and your posture will shift.

Watch your proportions
Hardly anyone can pull off a very short skirt with a very high heel!

Source: The Little Black Book of Style - Nina Garcia

Monday, 11 November 2013

Hair: Fashion and Fantasy

This book celebrating the art of hair has just been released by Thames & Hudson, and it's definitely destined for my coffee table!

Containing over 250 black and white and colour illustrations, across chapters exploring different styles, this beautiful tome includes rare archival images, as well as work by today's top fashion photographers and contributions from well known stylists.  

Here's a look inside...

To buy a copy click here

Sunday, 10 November 2013

How to...Find Your Fashion Personality

Image via Pinterest

Following the release of her documentary 'Mademoiselle C' on DVD, Carine Roitfeld, über stylist and fashion editor, was interviewed by about her unique sense of style.

So I thought I'd share with you the former French Vogue editor's top tips for finding your own fashion personality...

Exhibit your individuality
Amidst globalisation, trends are becoming worldwide, so it's important to take a unique approach to what fashion has to offer. Be yourself in the middle of it all; fashion shouldn't be try-hard.  The woman is always more significant than the clothes.

Stick to what suits you
Consistent style shows confidence, and knowing what suits you saves time when you are choosing what to wear. 

Highlight your strengths
Find something you like about your appearance and accentuate it. 

Don't shop the trends
Only buy clothes that you plan to keep forever. 

Choose pieces with character
"Comfort" is not part of my fashion vocabulary. You lose attitude when you feel too comfortable, so I prefer to wear clothes that have a certain edge to them. 

Dress from the head down
My hair and make-up secret is "the messier the better". And messy hair adds a certain youthfulness to a look. Like everyone, I am trying to hide the signs of ageing as I get older, though I do respect my age.

To read the article in full click here

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts

If you like your jewellery on the gothic side, then Chrome Hearts' gems are just for you!  

This New York based unisex brand, beloved of the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, was the brainchild of motorcycle enthusiast Richard Stark. 

The company specialises in handmade silver designs, inspired by biker and rock as well as gothic iconography, and we have just taken delivery of these three signature rings. Perfect for you, or your partner... 

Spin Ring

Grand Cross Ring

F*** You Ring

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Friday, 8 November 2013

Shear Luxury #2

Image: Street Peeper

Polish model Anja Rubik was caught off duty sporting this stunning sheepskin jacket.

And you can work your own 'model off duty' look in this super soft sheepskin that's just arrived in store...    


Size: 10 / Price £150.00

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