Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Three Good Things...(3)


Last, but by no means least, it's time to talk hair...

I love that tussled, textured look, and have strived to find a product that will give me the definition I'm after without making my hair stiff or sticky, or that doesn't simply disappear within seconds of applying it!

I could open a shop(!) with the number of products I've accumulated over the years, as nothing has come close to providing the long lasting finish that I'm after, until now...

This Invisible Medium Hold Hairspray by Davines is the real deal! After rough drying my hair and then straightening it, I simply spray this all over while blasting my hair with a hair dryer (on the cold setting) et voila!  Tussled, textured perfection!

I have James at Leigh Roberts to thank for introducing me to this amazing product. Thank you James!  And it goes without saying that a great cut and colour more than helps in getting the right result too...

You can find the Davines range of products at Leigh Roberts in Tunbridge Wells.    

Price: £16.40

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