Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Power Woman
Marc Jacobs AW13

The Power Woman has returned!  So says Anne-Marie Curtis in Elle's Work Style Supplement.

Following an autumn/winter catwalk season "packed with striving over-achievers", the magazine's Fashion Director shares her top five tips for amping up our working wardrobes...

Dress Up: Imagine where you want to be in five years' time and dress for that role. Always project your best possible self. Wearing clothes that fit well is key.

Dress Emotionally: Deciding what to wear in all situations should be emotionally driven.  Dressing for work isn't about inventing a professional persona.  Don't think you need a work uniform. Tailoring is brilliant but doesn't have to be classic.

Play with Colour: A neutral palette is a good foundation to build outfits around, but don't be afraid of print and colour. If a red shirt suits you, putting it on will transform your look.

Jacket Required: If you buy one thing, make it a jacket.  It doesn't need to be structured and formal.

Accessories are Friends: A good shoe transforms you.  And carry a great bag!


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