Friday, 18 October 2013

Quality over Quantity

"Buy the best quality you can afford."  We've all heard this saying before, but do we really know what it means?

Not all expensive items are high quality, and neither are all inexpensive items poor quality, so here's a handy check list to keep in mind next time you go shopping... 

Check the fabric by stretching it and scrunching it into a ball. Does it still hold its shape and does any creasing smooth back out?

Check fabric seams.  A generous seam allowance will help prevent tearing. 

Does the fabric show signs of pilling? 

Check buttons and button holes. Are they free of threads and not fraying?

Is the lining laying flat against the garment?

Check the zip. Does it lay flat against the garment and fasten/unfasten easily?

Are any fabric details and decorations securely fastened?

And finally, does the garment feel nice to wear?

Source: Your Personal Style - Nancy Plummer

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