Sunday, 13 October 2013

How to...Care for Cashmere

Following on from yesterday's post, here's a handy four point plan to caring for those oh so cosy cashmere knits...

Always take care when putting on, or taking off, your sweater. Cashmere is soft, so be careful not to overstretch the neck opening or any delicate seams which could cause the yarn to break.

All cashmere sweaters will pill, even those made from the very best quality fibre.  To keep a sweater's best appearance, just pull the pills off by hand after every wear. You can also use a very soft bristle lint brush, but always brush downwards in the direction of the knitting stitches, and very lightly. 

Always hand wash or dry clean cashmere. And store folded flat. Do not hang. 

If you're storing your sweater for any length of time, first wash or dry clean the garment, then fold and wrap it with acid free tissue paper. Do not store the sweater in a sealed plastic bag, as it won't be able to breathe. And don't forget those anti-moth products!

Source: The Handbook of Style - Maroukian Woodruff

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