Monday, 21 October 2013

Celebrate Your Shape

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"Stop fighting the way you look and make the most of what you have" - Vanessa Bruno

Dressing for our bodies is a challenge for us all.  Each of us has our own particular issues that concern us when it comes to finding clothes that fit, whatever our shape or size. 

So, rather than let this be a cause of continued distress and dressing dilemmas, why not allow clothing to be your ally? Celebrate your shape and use clothes to flatter your figure.  

Here are some simple steps to help you dress your best... 

1.  Look in the mirror and make an honest assessment of your body.  Embrace your shape and who you are.

2.  Know your assets - whether it's well sculpted arms, a swan like neck, or a wasp waist - dress to enhance those features.

3.  Accept the parts you are less than thrilled with and dress to de-emphasize them.

4.Consider the pieces you feel most comfortable in.  Then focus on finding the best shapes for you.

5.Be open to experimenting  with new silhouettes.  Pieces you've always shunned could end up being the most flattering.

If you would like to learn more about making the most of your figure and which styles and shapes to invest in, as well as those to avoid, why not book a personal style consultation with me? For details simply pop in and see me at the shop, or click here for my contact information.  

Source: Harpers Bazaar Great Style - Jenny Levin

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