Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to...Wear Colour
Michael Kors AW13

In this month's InStyle magazine "New York's king of the colour block", Michael Kors, reveals his top tips for brightening up our wardrobes. 

So, as a follow up to my How to...Wear Black post, I thought I'd share with you the US designer's words of colour wisdom...

TAKE IT SLOWLY "If you don't normally wear bright colours then introduce them gradually.  Start with a clutch, then try a pullover, then a coat, and soon you'll be wearing a fabulous shade from head to toe!". 

IT'S HOW YOU WEAR IT "A lot of people say 'Oh, that colour doesn't look good on my skin'.  In which case, wear it on a clutch bag or put a slice of it on your bottom half so it's not up next to your face".

FIND THE RIGHT SHADE "Saying 'I can't wear yellow' might mean you just can't wear a certain type of yellow.  On the spectrum there are reddish yellows right through to greenish yellows.  You could just be wearing the wrong one".

ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE "If you've got a great pair of legs, a colourful sandal will have everyone looking at them.  If you've got good d├ęcolletage try a bright necklace".

GIVE IT SOME LIP "Lipstick is the simplest way to do a pop of colour.  It can set the tone of your whole outfit.  If you want a really dramatic look then go for a slick of red lip lacquer". 

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