Thursday, 19 September 2013

How to...Shop Smart

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Shopping should be a pleasure.  But I know that for many of you, it can often be more of a challenge.  

As well as shopping for myself, I also shop for my clients, and over the years I've learnt that the success of a trip is almost always down to the planning. 

Now's the time that our thoughts turn to our new season wardrobe, and although I can't guarantee that these top shopping tips will result in a slew of new purchases, at the very least they should help you to avoid those expensive mistakes...

Decide what you want to buy and where you want to shop...
Whether you're a high end or high street shopper, make a list of what you'd like to buy and decide in advance which stores you'd like to visit.  Then put together a game plan, and always allow yourself plenty of time.    

Dress comfortably, and appropriately...
Wear clothing that you can take off and put back on again easily, so that you can try on potential purchases with as little fuss as possible. And if your shopping list includes tight knee length boots to wear with shorts and skirts, make sure that you're not wearing jeans! (Yes, this happened to me and to protect my modesty I ended up trying on said boots in the staff toilet!). 

Bring the right items with you when shopping for specific pieces...
It sounds obvious, but if you're shopping for a dress, always bring along your choice of heels, and if you're looking for an item to finish an outfit, bring the key piece or pieces of that outfit with you. 

Don't forget to eat and drink...
As well as being bad for your well being, hunger and thirst can be terribly distracting when you're shopping too! By keeping a bottle of water and something to eat with you, you'll avoid those hunger induced rash decisions.

And finally, be patient...
Take your time.  Be critical. Carefully examine each piece, and try everything on! 

Happy shopping!

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Additional Information
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