Saturday, 7 September 2013

How to...Declutter your Closet

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A well edited wardrobe of real favourites will not only ensure that you look and feel your best everyday, but will save you precious minutes in front of the mirror each morning too! 

With the new season now upon us, it's the perfect time to declutter your closet, so set aside some 'me' time, and follow my simple step by step guide to achieving the perfect wardrobe.

First, remove everything from your wardrobe and drawers - it's much harder to put questionable items back into an empty wardrobe than it is to take them out of a full one!

Vacuum the insides and wash them with soapy water. Then, while your furniture is drying, take a long hard look at your clothes and carefully consider the following...

  • Are you holding onto pieces from decades past in the hope that they'll come back into fashion? If so, then don't!  Despite the regular 'recyling' of trends, the updated versions are always a little different. 

  • Do you have a tendency to overdose on certain items?  You don't necessarily have to rid yourself of any of them, just keep in mind how many you have next time you find yourself heading to the cash desk with yet another.

  • Have you been hanging onto pieces which no longer fit or flatter you in case you drop a dress size? If the answer's yes, then do try and be honest with yourself.  Have you set yourself an unrealistic goal?  Why not take a trip to a local tailor to see if they can be altered so that you can enjoy wearing them now.

  • Are there any items that are simply no longer 'you'?  If so, they may be perfect for someone else.  So offset your closet footprint by taking them to a local charity, or your favourite dress agency! 

Finally, examine your remaining clothes carefully.  
Items worn to a sheen from dry cleaning or with immovable stains should be consigned to the bin.  And only put clean clothes back into your wardrobe and drawers -  this will help to protect them against moths.  

Does decluttering your closet seem like an overwhelming task?  To learn more about booking a wardrobe edit simply pop in and see me at the shop or click here for my contact details. 

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