Tuesday, 10 September 2013

All in the Styling...

Plaids and tweeds are never far from fall's fashion spotlight, and this season is certainly no exception. 

However, just like any other 'trend' that the industry throws at us, these heritage fabrics can conjure up a certain image, which may in turn make us question whether we can, or indeed want, to wear them.

This is a dressing dilemma I often come across, both from customers and clients, but as many of you will know, one of my favourite phrases is "It's all in the styling". So...

Here are three images from different magazines whose stylists have each portrayed plaid and tweed in their own way, and I hope they help to illustrate what an important part styling plays in defining and redefining a trend. 

First up is this shot from a story in Harper's Bazaar. The tag line reads "...British dressing at its eccentric best..." and this is a look that certainly screams granny chic to me.

Harpers Bazaar / October 2013

Vogue's take on the trend has a similar country feel, but their story is styled in a younger, more modern way.  This image is also much more pulled together in terms of proportions. 

Vogue / October 2013

Now for me, this is more like it! I loved the styling of this look, so much so that I tore the picture out of the magazine and hunted down the coat, which is now hanging in my wardrobe!

(magazine unknown)

So the moral of the story?  Take each trend on its own terms.  Can you incorporate it into your wardrobe in a way that works for you?  Remember, one woman's piece of charming granny chic is another's slice of tailored heritage heaven! 

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