Wednesday, 31 July 2013

We'll Take Manhattan

Aneurin Barnard & Karen Gillan as David Bailey & Jean Shrimpton

Last week I finally found time to sit down and watch this BBC Four Drama, and I'm so glad I did.

The film charts the story of David Bailey's and Jean Shrimpton's now infamous 1962 trip to New York for British Vogue, and how the photos from the shoot changed the shape of fashion forever.

Reviews of the TV drama which I've since read seem to be mixed, but whatever you think of the film, the story is fascinating.  

In a nutshell, prior to this seminal trip, models were typically society girls shot in static poses in clothes that their mothers would have worn. David Bailey's gritty images of his girl next door muse were a world away from this establishment style, and they heralded the start of what we now know as the swinging sixties.   

Unfortunately, We'll Take Manhattan doesn't appear to be available on iPlayer, nor on You Tube either (sorry!), but here's a clip I can share with you from the BBC website...  

Click here to watch 

and if you're interested in seeing the actual Bailey/Shrimpton shots, this book by Martin Harrison is a must have...  

Seeing the original images, I have to give credit to the makers of the drama as they captured them perfectly!

I bought my copy of the book from Amazon here...

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