Monday, 15 July 2013

The Right Stripes

Lola Boutique - Paris

The slimming effect, or otherwise, of wearing a certain type of stripe is often hotly debated in fashion circles, as well as in style consultations with my private clients!

The general rule of thumb has always been that vertical stripes create the visual impression of length, whereas those that run horizontally create a widening and shortening effect. So, quite understandably, the tendency has been to avoid the latter. However, this isn't quite the end of the story...

As this campaign shot for French boutique Lola shows perfectly, the width of the stripe also has a bearing upon the overall effect.

Horizontal stripes can have a slimming effect, as if they are thinner rather than wider they create a ladder effect.  The larger the stripe, the more likely it will be to make the wearer appear wider and shorter.

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