Sunday, 21 July 2013

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Anita Borzyszkowska by Andrew Woffinden

"For me, it's about falling in love...and I never shop for occasion." - Anita Borzyszkowska, Brand Strategist

I love reading articles about how other women in fashion approach getting dressed and organising their wardrobes, and this interview for MATCHESFASHION.COM was no exception.

Although I don't share Anita Borzyszkowska's budget (unfortunately!) I do share many of her 'rules' when it comes to personal style and shopping.  Here are her top five fashion tips...

1. Try to buy beautifully made, timeless pieces so that you build a great wardrobe over time, rather than something that needs to be re-invented every season.

2. Always use a great dry cleaner and shoe mender.  If you invest in your wardrobe, it makes sense to look after it.

3. Over-strategising your shopping takes the joy out of it. If you really fall in love with something, chances are that you will stay in love with it and consequently get a lot of wear out of, so it will be a wise buy.

4. Fit is everything, so it’s worth finding a great tailor and having your clothes altered.

5. Buy fewer things and the best quality that you can afford.

To read the full interview with Anita click here

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