Thursday, 2 May 2013

Total Wardrobe Care

This month sees the start of the dreaded moth season - although as my Twitter followers will already know, for some it started early! So, it's definitely time to take action against these pesky pests.

Here at the shop we stock the Total Wardrobe Care range of anti-moth products. A beautifully scented and naturally organic range, made from a unique blend of essential oils.

Prices start from just £3 for an infused drawer sachet, and here are details of the products we have in store...

Moth Box
The adhesive strip inside the box is impregnated with the female pheromone,  so it attracts the male moths who stick to it which breaks the breeding cycle.  Moth boxes are effective for twelve weeks after opening.

Natural Anti-Moth Linen Spray
This linen spray has been specially formulated to protect garments against moths and keep wardrobes fresh.  The wonderful fragrance also makes the perfect anti-moth room spray. 

Anti-Moth Drawer & Hanging Sachets
These sachets are made from a blend of essential oils in a natural stone powder base. Once opened, they will release a natural, anti-moth fragrance which will protect wardrobes and drawers for approximately six months. 

Natural Anti-Moth Candle
This hand-blended natural soya candle repels moths by diffusing its blend of essential oils to protect wardrobe and bedroom areas, keeping them fresh, fragrant and free of moths.  It will burn for approximately 30 hours. 

And as well as protecting current season clothes, these essential anti-moth products are perfect for protecting garments you want to store away.  They also make great gifts. 

Pop into the shop and pick up your clothes protectors today!     

Click here to discover five simple steps to a moth free wardrobe.

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