Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to...Make Fast Fashion Last

"Mixing in seasonal fast fashion pieces can be an ideal way to expand your wardrobe - as long as you buy wisely and take the best care of them".

In her recent piece for, Nicoleta Parascan offers some great tips on getting the most from our fast fashion finds.  Here's an edited version of her words of wisdom...     

Buy Mid Priced Pieces
We've all been guilty of pursuing quantity over quality.  Buying five pairs of jeans instead of just one, might feel five times more gratifying. But you're more likely to end up regretting the decision.  Pursue medium priced brands for better quality.

Find Good Basics and Stick to Them
Every functional and efficient wardrobe is built upon great basics.  Finding the stores that sell your perfect pieces and then sticking with them, is another way of turning fast fashion purchases into long lasting investments.

Don't Wear Clothing to Death
Making a smart fast fashion purchase, or simply falling in love with a specific garment, usually means that piece is then worn to death. But as clothes also need their time to rest, make sure your wardrobe offers several options that you can rotate, and wear with the same pleasure and confidence.  

Understand Clothing Care Labels and Follow Them
This is how most fast fashion pieces find their abrupt end. Ensuring they last longer is not only down to understanding the care labels, but following them too!  

To read Nicoleta's article in full, together with her handy guide to all those strange care symbols, click here

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